Monday, June 2, 2008

1990 Pro Set #19A Andre Ware

How have I had a blog related to University of Houston athletics and its history without posting about Andre Ware? The day Ware won the Heisman was one of most enjoyable days of my time at UH. Going to the Rice game, hearing the announcement, buying Andre champagne (cheap & the name seemed appropriate for celebration), and partying all night in the dorms was a great time.

Today's card is the 1990 Pro Set #19. There are two variations, one without a stripe (pictured below) and one with a red stripe stating Drafted 1st Round, Detroit.

The front of the card features Ware in action in his UH uniform. Did I mention that I prefer the old skinny logo on the helmet versus the current logo?

The back features a picture of the Heisman Trophy. While many cards feature career college statistics, this card features game by game statistics for the 1989 season. Also on the back is a list of other recent Heisman winners.

I think this is a beautiful card with a the bonus of Ware in his UH uniform and season statistics. This is also one of his many rookie cards. Unfortunately for those concerned about card value, Pro Set had one of the highest production runs in card history so even though there are 2 variations, both are cheaper than any other Ware rookie card and even most of his non-rookie cards. But since I'm more concerned about card design and featuring UH, so this is a great card for those criteria.

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