Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1965 Topps #132 Dalva Allen

Today's card is the 1965 Topps #132 featuring Dalva Allen. I love the pose on front. In a semi three point stance, Dalva looks very intimidating. The background is solid green which is such a difference from some of today's cards which have such busy backgrounds with crazy effects.

The background contains no statistics, only a short description of his career. The best part of the back of the card is the cartoon. It features a Canadian Mountie look a like tackling a ball carrier since Dalva played a year in the Canadian Football League.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1992-93 Trail Blazers Dairy Queen Glasses Clyde Drexler

There is a collectible for every taste. Some like cards. Some like books. And if you collect glasses, there are University of Houston collectibles for you too.

Today's collectible is the 1992-93 Trail Blazers Dairy Queen Glasses featuring Clyde Drexler. This is a very odd item.

The front has a caricature of Drexler with a tennis racket spinning a tennis ball on his finger Harlem Globetrotters style while reclining on a net/hammock. Why a tennis racket? I really don't know.

The back has the Dairy Queen and Blazers logos as well has Clyde's position, height, and number. It also has the very odd "Best Score: 34 Fast Break Lobs." I'm sure that's supposed to be a double meaning tennis lob to go with basketball alley oop lob, but it really doesn't make much sense to me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1999 Upper Deck Retro Smashmouth #S13 Antowain Smith

Antowain Smith was a running back for the University of Houston in 1995 & 1996 leading the team in rushing yards both years.

1996 was a very good year for both the Cougars and Antowain. Playing their first season in Conference USA, the Coogs achieved a 7-5 record, a shared conference championship, and a Liberty Bowl berth. Smith had 1,239 yards rushing, was a Conference USA first team selection, Conference USA offensive player of the year, and College Football News All American Honorable Mention.

Antowain's name is all over the UH record book. He holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in a game (5), most touchdowns in a game (6), and most points in a game (36). He also holds the record for longest run from scrimmage (96 yards).

He has the 6th most yards in a season (1,239), 2nd most rushing touchdowns(14), 10th in scoring (92), and tied for 3rd in touchdowns (15). For career statistics, he is tied for 10th in rushing TDs (19).

He was the 23rd pick in the first round of the 1997 NFL draft selected by the Buffalo Bills. He played 9 years in the NFL; with Buffalo from 1997-2000, with the New England Patriots from 2001-2003, with the Tennessee Titans in 2004, and the New Orleans Saints in 2005. He finished his career with 6,881 yards rushing, 982 yards receiving, and 2 Super Bowl wins with the Patriots.

Today's card is the 1999 Upper Deck Retro Smashmouth #S13. This is from the Smashmouth insert set. For a retro style card, this doesn't look too old school. It does have a great action photograph with an attempted arm tackle. Nice layout for information on the bottom of the card other than the wasted space for the Upper Deck Retro logo.

The back of the card is pretty boring. The only reference to Smith is his name, number, position, and team logo. The rest of the back includes definitions of the fairly basic football terms stunt, sweep, and takeaway. The back also includes serial numbering of the card up to 100.