Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1993 Pacific Silver Prism Inserts #10 David Klingler

What a great game by the Cougars against Rice last Thursday! There were amazing and record breaking performances.

  • Tyron Carrier tied the NCAA record for kickoff returns for touchdowns.

  • Patrick Edwards tied Elmo Wright for the University of Houston's career touchdown reception record. He also had the biggest receiving day in the country so far this year with 318 yards and 5 TDs on only 7 catches.

  • Case Keenum threw for 9 TDs, shattering the NCAA career touchdown passes record.

9 TD passes in one game would shatter most schools' records, but not at the University of Houston. The Cougar and NCAA record is 11 set by David Klingler in 1990. It's good to see Keenum continue the tradition of great UH quarterbacks putting up big numbers, setting records, and winning.

Today's card is the 1993 Pacific Silver Prism Inserts #10 featuring David Klingler. What an outrageous looking card, but oddly, I don't hate it. I actually like it in a pop art kind of way. While it definitely has an over the top background, it's repetitive enough that it doesn't totally bury the picture. And unlike some refractor cards which blur the entire image, the picture of Klingler is intact and pops from the background.