Saturday, August 29, 2009

2007 Sweet Spot Pigskin Signatures Dual #KS Kevin Kolb

Sometimes the concept of a card sounds great, but the card fails miserably. The 2007 Sweet Spot Pigskin Signatures Dual #KS featuring Kevin Kolb falls into that category.

The concept is great. Two highly drafted rookie quarterbacks. Both of their autographs on a piece of a football. Pictures of both players. Only 50 copies of the card. That sounds wonderful.

But just look at this. The pictures look fine. The pigskin background looks good. But the autographs... What should be and is the focal point of the card looks horrible. The autographs are completely illegible. Some players have bad autographs in general, but that is not the problem here. Generally Kolb's signature is very stylized, but it is usually legible. In this case, the texture of the football makes both signatures unrecognizable scratches of silver.

Good concept. Disappointing card.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1992 Stadium Club #259 T. J. Turner

A Cougar great passed away today. T. J. Turner died from complications of a stroke.

T. J. played defensive tackle for the University of Houston from 1982 to 1985 and had an incredible career. He was captain of the 1985 team along with center Todd Schoppe. His name is all over the Cougar record books.

  • 1st in career tackles for a loss with 66

  • 3rd in career sacks with 30

  • 8th in sacks for a season with 11 in 1984

  • 2nd in tackles for a loss with 23 in 1984

  • 4th in tackles for a loss with 21 in 1985

  • Led the team in sacks in 1982, 1984, and 1985

He also was awarded several honors.

  • Football News Freshman All American in 1982

  • Sporting News 2nd Team All American and AP & UPI Honorable Mention in 1984

  • 2nd Team All Southwest Conference in 1983

  • 1st Team All Southwest Conference in 1984 & 1985

He was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the 3rd round of the 1986 NFL draft where he played from 1986-1992.

My prayers go out for him and his family.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

1968 Topps #239 Bill Henry

This is the last card released of Bill Henry while he was an active player.

What a classic looking set. The canvas border is beautiful and the colors are classic 1960s. The pose is funny like so many vintage poses are. He looks like he just completed a very awkward throw. I'd bet he never had a ball in his hand posing for this picture.

The back of the card is typical of 1960s cards: Basic player data, career statistics, and cartoon with a trivia question. Not creative, but solid and consistent.

This is a great vintage card that you can pick up for a couple of dollars. A Venezuelan variation is also available. The Venezuelan variation is very rare compared to the US release.