Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2007 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Emerald Materials #220 Kevin Kolb

I'm not one to get excited because a card is the rarest, most expensive card out there. I can get very excited about a base card worth basically nothing especially when it has a great picture of a player in his University of Houston uniform. With that said, I still love to go on eBay and sort by price.

Today's card is the most expensive Kevin Kolb card currently on eBay requesting $360. It is the 2007 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Emerald Materials #220. This card is very cool. It has a head and shoulders shot of Kolb in his Eagles uniform. It also has Kevin's autograph.

The most interesting thing on the card is the materials. The materials are event used. We've discussed previously the difference between event and game used relics so we don't need to cover that again. The variety of materials on this card exceeds the normal relic card. You have the normal jersey piece, but you also have a piece from a shoe, helmet, and football. The different materials provides a unique texture and look that most cards don't have.

Only 5 of these were made and the price is out of my range so I'm betting I never own one, but it's a nice card to look at.

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