Saturday, November 8, 2008

2008-09 Press Pass Legends Select Signatures Clyde Drexler

Despite being retired since 1998, you can still pick up brand new Clyde Drexler cards. So far in the 2008-09 basketball card products, Drexler is featured in Hot Prospects, Press Pass Legends, and Upper Deck.

Today's card is the 2008-09 Press Pass Legends Select Signatures. Press Pass isn't considered one of the major brands, but I really like their focus on college.

The card front includes a black and white photo of Drexler going up for a basket in his University of Houston uniform. Is that a layup? Why isn't he dunking?

It also features an autograph. There are several autograph variations. This version is in red ink and includes his number. Most signatures are in blue. There are also Clyde "the Glide" Drexler autographs.

Most controversial to me is the "wet cougar" modern UH logo. Of course this logo was never used when Drexler was at UH. That is a very recent logo. I wonder if they can only use current, university approved logos or if they could possibly use old logos to match the time the player was in school. If you're going to do retro/legends cards, I think you should use the appropriate retro logo.

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