Saturday, January 3, 2009

Updated Checklist - All Sports

Before I talk about the updated checklist, why didn't anyone tell me that the links haven't worked for almost two months? Evidently AOL dropped their file hosting with minimal notice. Oh well. Sometimes with free service, you get what you pay for. I was working on an updated checklist anyway.

Links to the new checklists are on the left. As usual, they are available in Excel and pdf formats.

Here's what is new on the updated list:

  • First, I have combined all sports instead of having separate checklists for each sport.

  • Second, I have created a player list so you can quickly check what players have cards and how many there are.

  • Third, several sports have been added including golf, track, volleyball, and women's basketball.

  • Fourth, print runs have been listed in the Comment column when available. Now with some cards you can find out if the card is a 1 of 1 or if there are 100,000 copies.

  • Fifth, some football players including Anthony Alridge and Donnie Avery have been added. Alridge has 93 cards and Avery has 719 cards already so get started on that collection.

  • Sixth, tons of cards and collectibles have been added. There are now 13,864 collectibles listed. Collectibles that have been added since the last update are highlighted. 2,531 new collectibles have been added to all lists since the last update.

If you know of players or collectibles that need to be added, please e-mail me at

Now that the checklist is updated, what are my next blog/checklist steps? Here are my 2009 Cougar Cards blog resolutions:
1) Post more frequently, at least two to three times a week. Sometimes I get lazy and post as often as I'd like. That was especially true when I was working on updating the checklist.
2) Update the checklist frequently. Now that I think the checklist is fairly complete, updates should be pretty easy. I plan on updating monthly.
3) Gather more images of cards. I currently have 1,414 card images. With 13,864 collectibles listed and front and back images available, I have a long way to go. Anyone want to help?
4) I would LOVE to create a website with search and image capabilities similar to this Duke basketball card site. I'd want to add links to the images so you could see the cards too. Of course I only have basic Visual Basic skills and no web VB skills, but it will be good for me to learn. Those skills could probably help me at work too.

That's a pretty ambitious set of resolutions, and that's only for this blog. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks to all of you who visited this blog in 2008. I hope you visit and comment frequently in 2009.

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