Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Updated Checklist

True to my word, I am regularly updating the checklist. Unfortunately I'm not doing as well at posting frequently.

As usual checklists are provided in Excel and pdf on the left. New additions are highlighted in orange.

127 cards were added with this update. Most of the cards (108) were of Donnie Avery. Elvin Hayes also had multiple additions.

Even though I just updated the list, I know that there are already several more to be added including several Mayo cards of Anthony Alridge that I'm excited about. Maybe you'll see a post on those soon.

If you know of any missing cards or players, especially players, please let me know. I could especially use help with baseball players, minor or major league. I'm not a huge baseball fan, college or pro, so if you know of any players I'm missing, e-mail me at cougarcards@yahoo.com

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