Saturday, May 19, 2007

1988 Hakeem Olajuwon Starting Line Up

I'm trying to cover several different collectible genres before randomly placing whatever I want on this site. So let's move on to the next collectibles group: Starting Lineup figures.

For those new to collectibles or those who only collect cards, Starting Lineup (frequently called SLU) was a series of action figures that featured stars from several sports. It was created by the Kenner Company in 1988. Kenner was later taken taken over by Hasbro who discontinued the line in 2001. The action figures usually came with a trading card too. For full value, the action figures should remain unopened in the original packaging.

Today's collectible is the 1988 Starting Lineup Hakeem Olajuwon. Since this was the first year for SLUs, it is obviously the first for Hakeem. Another Olajuwon SLU wouldn't be manufactured until 1992. The last Olajuwon SLU was released in 1997.