Thursday, May 3, 2007

Woody Williams/Houston Chronicle Firestorm

There is a great debate on regarding a recent article in the Houston Chronicle by Jose de Jesus Ortiz about pitcher Woody Williams. There are several threads debating what should be done about the slight of the University of Houston in the Chronicle and even more insulting responses from Ortiz.

Whatever side of the debate you fall on, this is a great opportunity to look at a Woody Williams card released by Topps earlier this year. It is the Topps 2007 Heritage Baseball #35 card. I love this set. It is based on the 1958 Topps baseball card design. There is just something cool about the old school designs. No chrome, refractors, holograms, etc needed. This set includes some of those features, but the Woody #35 is just a classic style, nice looking card.


Commish said...

NXT I'm a Heritage fan myself. I don't collect anymore but I did buy a couple of packs just because they are based on one of my favorite sets.

Back about 15 years ago I tried to revive my interest in card collecting by finding cards of Cougar alumni. I've got a nice sized binder of Coogs' cards around here someplace that I add to every now and then.

NTXCoog said...

Thanks for the comment. If you want to contribute any write ups or stories about anything in your collection, you have a forum here.