Saturday, May 3, 2008

2005 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Quad Patches #GDOO Hakeem Olajuwon

We've previously discussed game worn jersey cards on this blog, but there is a a subset of jersey cards, the patch card. Patch cards contain parts of a patch sewn onto the jersey. Patches could include things like team logo, number, player name, league logo, or something like that. Patches are generally considered preferable to jerseys because they provide a more visually interesting card due to the variety of colors on a patch versus the single color of a jersey.

This week's Olajuwon card is an amazing patch card. It's the 2005 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Quad Patches #GDOO. Not only does it contain a patch from Hakeem Olajuwon's uniform, it also has patches from Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kevin Garnett. That is uniforms from a player in the Hall of Fame, 2 more obvious first ballot HOFers, and one possible HOFer all in one card. That is amazing.

Good luck finding one of these to add to your collection, but I hope you enjoy seeing it.

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Jeff said...

Wow, those are very nice patches.