Thursday, May 1, 2008

1994 Stadium Club #28 Anthony Young

Collectors often want different things in a trading card. Some want autographs or game used memorabilia. Some want inserts and rare numbered cards. Some like refractors. And some like old vintage cards.

There are also some who just want a nice card with great photography and no gimmicks. To some, that means Stadium Club cards. Ryan at Trader Cracks, wrote a great blog article on bringing back Stadium Club and emphasizing photography for cards again. He's even started a write in campaign. So please visit his site if you agree with him.

Bring Back Stadium Club

I don't really have a passion for Stadium Club, but I do agree with his call for better photography and less gimmicks on cards. So to support his cause, today's card is Anthony Young's 1994 Stadium Club #28. The photography is beautiful with a full card, no border look. The Stadium Club logo is prominent without being overpowering. The only problem is the graphic around the name. That's just horrid, but not enough to distract from the rest of the card. Overall, a great looking card.

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