Sunday, July 6, 2008

1992 All World Greats/Rookies SG17 David Klingler

When Andre Ware decided to leave the University of Houston early to join the NFL, there was some concern there would a drop off in quarterback play the next year. Although David Klingler had significant mop up activity behind Ware in 1989 since there were several 50+ point blowouts, you never know how a quarterback will play when given the primary responsibility of running an offense especially following a Heisman trophy winner.

Who could have predicted the season David Klingler would have in 1990. Leading UH to a 10-1 record and a Top 10 ranking, Klingler set several NCAA records some of which will be very difficult to break. Some records include most TD passes in a quarter (6) & TD passes in a game (11). Several of Klingler's single season records were broken by Colt Brennan of Hawaii, but it took 14 games compared to Klingler's 11 games.

I'm a little late for the 4th of July, but it's still the 4th of July weekend so let's celebrate with the 1992 All World Greats/Rookies SG17 featuring David Klingler. The card features Klingler taking a snap in a practice uniform. It also features the American flag at the top with the stars in silver foil. His name is also in silver foil.

The back lamely features the same picture faded behind text. The best part of the card for UH fans is the history of David Klingler at the school. It begins with his initial play in 1988, backing up Ware in 1989, and his record setting year in 1990.

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