Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1995 JOGO #51 Roman Anderson

Roman Anderson is considered by many to be the greatest kicker in University of Houston history. He holds many school season and career records for scoring and kickers. At one point, he held the NCAA record for most career points scored. That record has since been broken although longer seasons and more bowl games make it much easier to break season and career records. He was an All American Honorable Mention, 2 time All Southwest Conference 2nd team, and 2 time All SWC 1st team.

Roman never made it in the NFL although he did play in the CFL. In 1995 he was the CFL All-Star placekicker and leading scorer.

Today's card is the 1995 JOGO #51. The front of the card has a nice layout with a quality action photo. Those uniforms are horrible though. To me, the colors don't match and those have to be the busiest stripes I've ever seen.

The back of the card doesn't have statistics. Instead it has an overview of his playing career both in the CFL and at UH.


Commish said...

I never realized how awful those Gunslinger unis were. Just horrible.

NTXCoog said...

Come on, commish! You know you want red and blue Xs down the side of UH's new uniforms. New coach, new look.