Sunday, March 8, 2009

1969-70 Topps Rulers #4 Elvin Hayes

If you think gimmick cards and crazy cards are a recent invention, think again. Today's collectible is the 1969-70 Topps Ruler #4 featuring Elvin Hayes.

These cards were an early insert set. To make them fit in the pack, they were printed on very thin stock and folded. When unfolded they measure 2-1/2" x 9-7/8".

This card features a drawing of Elvin Hayes next to a "ruler." This is a very odd ruler. It shows the players height and is numbered in feet, but the markings between the numbers are broken down more like inches. But it's not inches because it old measures about 8-1/2 units, but the card is 9-7/8" long. OK... I majored in math at the University of Houston so I'd prefer the cards to have a real unit of measure.

I love this card anyway. I love art cards. I wish it looked more like him, but it's a fun card and a fun concept.

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