Sunday, April 5, 2009

1997 Genuine Article #M35 & #M47 Antowain Smith

Special thanks to reader Victor for these scans.

I know nothing about Genuine Article cards, but these look pretty sharp.

Card #M35 features Smith being tackled. As usual, I LOVE the old school helmet. Oops, it looks like they misspelled his first name though. The back is very basic with a text scouting report.

To me, card #M47 is much more attractive. The front features a very interesting picture of Smith. I don't know if it is in game or not. Is he looking at a would be tackler? Is he posing for the camera? Who knows. It looks like this picture was taken at the 2006 Liberty Bowl based on the patch on his shoulder. Again his name is misspelled.

The back features Antowain running through Texas A&M players. The picture on M35 also is against A&M. UH didn't play A&M in 1996, so obviously this wasn't from his senior season. I'd guess it is from 1995. Whatever year it was, it wasn't pretty. Those were some tough times for UH football.



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