Thursday, April 9, 2009

2008 Press Pass Game Breakers #12 Donnie Avery

It amazes me how differently I can feel about the same card based on its front and back.

Today's card is the 2008 Press Pass Game Breakers #12 featuring Donnie Avery. The front features a great picture of Donnie Avery in action in the 2007 Texas Bowl. Game Breakers and Avery's name are featured in a distressed white font. So far, so good. Most of the background is blurred. The top and bottom feature odd cutouts of a football. Overall a pretty nice design with a great picture. A quality picture can go a long way for making a nice looking card.

Unfortunately the back gets much lower marks from me. Reason #1, the same picture is featured on the back. To me, that just screams that a card company is working on a tight budget. To be fair, the picture is cropped not as tightly as the front. A close up and wide shot of the same image can sometimes provide a different look, but I don't think they achieved that this time. Reason #2, in an attempt to make the same picture look different, the hue of the photo was greatly altered from Cougar red to an odd yellow or green. They could have saved the back for me with the stats. I love stats on cards because it's a nice reference tool. But this card features combined stats for 2004-2007. That's better than no stats, but there is plenty of room for year by year and total stats.

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