Sunday, May 3, 2009

2005-06 UD Portraits Signature Portraits 8x10 #EH Elvin Hayes

OK... time to get serious about this blog again. Sorry for the vacation.

Here's my latest Elvin Hayes "card" acquisition, 2005-06 UD Portraits Signature Portraits 8x10 #EH. Why "card"? This is definitely not your standard sized card. Instead it's an 8x10 autographed "picture". But it's not just a picture either because the backs of pictures are generally blank. It has a certification that this is a legitimate autograph. I also has a short narrative on Hayes' skill set and career.

Obviously this didn't just come in the classic wax pack. 2005-06 UD Portraits was sold in a box that came with 6 more traditional cards and one autographed 8x10 per box. Of the 6 cards, 2 were memorabilia cards.

To me, the best thing about this collectible is the ability to display it. While standard size cards can look amazing, they can also look very cheesy when you attempt to display them. With an 8x10, this can be framed and displayed like any picture. Pair it up with a Hayes Bullets or Cougars uniform, and you've got a nice Elvin Hayes shrine to be proud to display.

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