Saturday, August 29, 2009

2007 Sweet Spot Pigskin Signatures Dual #KS Kevin Kolb

Sometimes the concept of a card sounds great, but the card fails miserably. The 2007 Sweet Spot Pigskin Signatures Dual #KS featuring Kevin Kolb falls into that category.

The concept is great. Two highly drafted rookie quarterbacks. Both of their autographs on a piece of a football. Pictures of both players. Only 50 copies of the card. That sounds wonderful.

But just look at this. The pictures look fine. The pigskin background looks good. But the autographs... What should be and is the focal point of the card looks horrible. The autographs are completely illegible. Some players have bad autographs in general, but that is not the problem here. Generally Kolb's signature is very stylized, but it is usually legible. In this case, the texture of the football makes both signatures unrecognizable scratches of silver.

Good concept. Disappointing card.

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