Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cougar Cards

Attention University of Houston students! You are very lucky. Why?

1) You are a student at the University of Houston
2) You have a professor like Simon Bott that cares about you and the University of Houston
3) You have a great opportunity to collect some unique Cougar trading cards

Since this blog focuses on Cougar collectibles, this post is about item 3.

The Daily Cougar recently had an article on Cougar Cards, a way to increase student participation in UH activities, a way to collect Cougar memorabilia and learn more about the school, and a way to get prizes.

As much as possible, every UH student should participate in school activities. It improves your collegiate experience, creates a stronger community, and most importantly, it's fun! And now you get the bonus of receiving Cougar cards.

The checklist is amazing. You have Cougar legends like Clyde Drexler, David Klingler, and Jim Nantz. You have current athletes like Case Keenum and Aubrey Coleman. You have athletes from sports other than football and basketball like swimmers, soccer players, and softball players. (I had a great time attending almost every sport when I was in school. I especially loved going to volleyball matches.) You have coaches like Kevin Sumlin, Tom Penders, and Bill Yeoman. You have important campus figures like President Renu Khator, Regents, Student Government President, and new Athletic Director Mack Rhoades. All that and more.

Below is a sample card. I hope to have more images soon and will post them if & when I get them.

Check out the Cougar Trading Cards website for more information like a complete checklist, events where you can receive cards, and a list of prizes. The event list is very diverse so there is something for everyone. Looking at the list makes me really miss my college days. Sure you have obvious things like football games and volleyball matches, but you also have non-sports related events like going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, watching Friday the 13th, or hearing a recital or concert. Other more serious educational events such as Time Management, Resume Writing, and Job Search workshops are included which I highly recommend. I'm amazed at how many people in the business world don't know the basics of putting together a resume or conducting a job search. I'm thankful I went to several workshops while I was a student.

So start going to these events today.

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