Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches #SSW22 Donnie Avery

Since we've spent so much time looking at cards from the past, it's time to catch up on some of the newer cards coming out.

Today's card is the 2010 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches #SSW22 featuring Donnie Avery. Donnie may be hurt but hopefully we'll get some more nice cards for him this season.

Since Upper Deck lost its NFL license and received a license to do college cards, we're lucky enough to see more cards of Avery in his college uniform. I love that.

But then you have the memorabilia portion of the card. I find that part extremely disappointing. First of all, I generally don't like odd cut outs and the "SS" cut out for Sweet Swatch looks odd. To make it worse, the swatch is blue. I assume that is from a Rams uniform. If you have a card featuring a player in a college uniform listing the college team, and not a pro team, the swatch should be from a college uniform.

But most cards featuring a Cougar in his Houston uniform gets a thumbs up for me.

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