Sunday, April 27, 2008

Congrats Donnie Avery - 2008 Upper Deck Draft #28

Congratulations to Donnie Avery being selected #33 and the first wide receiver selected in the 2008 NFL draft. Also congratulations to all of the Coogs who signed free agent contracts. Good luck to all of you. We're extremely proud.

Today's collectible is the 2008 Upper Deck Draft #28. There are several Donnie Avery autograph cards out there already, but this may be my favorite. Nice photograph covering the entire card although the autograph covers some of the picture. Press Pass is my 2nd favorite. Another nice photo and the Cougar logo. It's actually a cleaner looking card, but much smaller picture. My least favorite is the SAGE Hit card. Bad picture and the autograph is overpowered by the logo underneath.

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