Friday, April 25, 2008

1986-87 Fleer 82 Hakeem Olajuwon

I've been surfing the web lately to learn more about card collecting so I've been reading other collectors' blogs. Because I've spent most of my life in the DFW area, one of the blogs I read is Texas Rangers Cards. Something he does on his site is feature Ivan Rodriguez cards every Monday. I loved the concept so I thought I'd incorporate that here.

But who do I feature every week? There are several players in many sports that are worthy of being featured every week, but I think there is one clear cut choice. He has the most basketball cards and is the player with the most search referrals to this site. That player is Hakeem Olajuwon. So look forward to Hakeem Saturday on every week.

Let's start with the granddaddy of Olajuwon cards, the 1986-87 Fleer #82. This is considered to be Olajuwon's Rookie card. There were earlier cards published by Star, but this was the first licensed major release.

Because it is the rookie card, it is an important collectible, but I just don't find this card to be attractive. The red, white, and blue border is not very attractive and clashes with the rest of the card, especially the Fleer logo. The picture is an OK action shot, but a player trying to post up to receive a pass don't make for the most exciting photo. Usually you at least want a ball in a basketball action shot.

The back of the card is VERY plain: Two years of pro stats and some basic info. About half of the card is blank. I understand that photos weren't on the backs of cards in those days, but couldn't they at least put some fun facts or additional information to fill up the rest of the card?

Not the nicest card, but it is historical and this set re-started basketball card collecting. This card used to go for well over $100. Now you can find an ungraded card for under $20.

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