Sunday, April 6, 2008

1992 Classic #67 Sam Mack

The NCAA tournament is almost over. Go Memphis! Win it all for Conference USA.

But this is a Houston blog, so let's look back at the last time UH was in the tournament. Unfortunately that was 1992, but hopefully we'll be back soon. UH had a 25-6 record that season, but lost as the 10 seed to Georgia Tech.

The leading scorer that season was Sam Mack who averaged 17.5 points. Although Mack wasn't drafted, he did bounce around the NBA for seven years, also playing in the CBA and the Spanish League.

Today's card is the 1992 Classic #67. I like this card because it shows Mack in his UH uniform shooting over two SMU players.

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Joannes Paulus said...

Seeing Sam Mack's card reminds me of the game against Rice at Autry. Mack had a few bumps along the way to UH. One was that he was allegedly involved with the robbery of a Burger King. So naturally the Rice students showed up to the game wearing Burger King crowns and taunted Mack through out the game. It never phased Mack or the Cougars as they went on to win. Some of the crowns were thrown onto the court. As the team walked to the locker room, they picked up the crowns and put them on and teased the Rice crowd. It was a sight to see Sam Mack and Craig Upchurch and others with smiles on their faces and Burger King crowns on.