Sunday, August 29, 2010

1959 Topps #46 Bill Henry

Bill Henry has been featured on this blog previously so I'm violating my goal of featuring players not shown before. Unfortunately there are only 2 players and 1 coach featured on cards in 1959 and all of them have been featured too.

Today's card is the 1959 Topps #46. Here's an interesting article on the 1959 set by someone who is much more of an expert than I am.

Looking at this card makes me wonder why someone would collect modern/current cards vs these vintage cards. The layout is much cleaner without all of the flash that in my opinion just distracts. It is a very solid posed photograph. Some modern sets like Stadium Club have nicer action photos, but many modern sets don't have better pictures than this one.

So it doesn't have chrome, refractors, foil, etc. Some people love these things, but I just think they're gimmicks. It doesn't have tons of variations that are identical except for the color of the border and the print run. It's not serial numbered, but if you're searching for a card in top quality condition like a new card is, they're probably as rare as most low numbered modern cards. But you also have the option of getting a more moderate condition card at a decent price which would be value suicide on a new card.

Finally if you REALLY want to search for a low print variation, you can look for the Topps card made for the Venezuelan market. These cards are very rare and next to impossible to find in a high quality condition.

To me, the biggest advantage of modern cards is we've seen the guys play. I never saw Billy Henry play, but someone like Michael Bourn I can see play every day. It's harder to develop an attachment to a player you've never seen play, but collectors do it every day. I'd bet very few collectors saw Babe Ruth play, but he still has new followers and collectors all the time.

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