Sunday, August 22, 2010

1966 Philadelphia #75 Pat Studstill

Pat Studstill was a wide receiver at the University of Houston from 1958 to 1959. The 1959 was Missouri Valley Conference co-champion in 1959.

Studstill played 11 years of professional football for the Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Rams, and New England Patriots. In the pros he played wide receiver and punter. One of the things he is most famous for is that he was the last pro player to not use a facemask.

Today's card is the 1966 Philadelphia #75. Philadelphia brand was a major card manufacturer at the time who had a license with the NFL while Topps had an AFL license.

While Philadelphia cards had more simple designs than modern cards, they still looked very different from Topps cards. To me, Philadelphia cards looked more realistic and less artistic/cartoonish than Topps cards.


Commish said...

The 1966 Philly Gum NFL cards are one of my favorite sets. From time to time I get and itch and work on filling in the gaps in my collection of them. They are not that hard to find and are reasonably priced. Someday I'll finish.

NTXCoog said...

That is a nice looking set. One of my favorite sets is coming up when we get to 1961.

It's amazing that more people don't buy these vintage sets and focus on newer cards. And so often these cards are less expensive, and in many cases less available, than new products.