Sunday, August 14, 2011

1993 Ultra #139 Andre Ware

I've been watching quite a bit of College Football Live with Andre Ware lately because I'm ready for the new season to start. So how about a random Ware card?

Today's card is the 1993 Ultra #139. Ultra was one of the first "high end" brands I liked. It's funny to call this high end now because a pack was $3-$5. Compare that to card prices today. But at the time, that was a big deal.

So why did I like Ultra?
1) The photography - It was comparable to Stadium Club which was the standard at the time. Plus you got more good pictures on the back
2) The design - It was just a nice looking card without too many gimmicks that were just becoming popular. Now almost every card has a gimmick. But it was just a nice photo, a nice marble graphic that looked sharp but didn't distract. A little gold foil, but nothing over the top.

What didn't I like? Ultra was one of the earliest brands to emphasize pictures over stats and info. You can one year and career totals on this card which is probably sufficient, but historically cards had a player's history.

Ultra's look stands the test of time and looks better than almost everything on the market today. It doesn't have an autograph or jersey piece. It's not serial numbered. So it would never be popular if it came out today. But I think it's a nice looking card.

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