Thursday, August 4, 2011

Checklist Update

Yes! We have a checklist update. Please see the links on the left under Cougar Collectible Checklists.

It's been over a year and there are tons of updates. On top of adding new cards and new players, I've added assistant coaches plus UH alum Tom Landry.

It has been a year so what has been added?

  • 9 former players

  • 1 former basketball coach

  • 20 assistant football coaches

  • 1845 cards

As usual, cards that have been added are highlighted on the card list. Players/coaches that have been added are highlighted in blue and players/coaches that have new cards are highlighted in orange/yellow (depending on your version of Excel) on the player list.

One other change, I am using a different file host. Previously I was using fileden which allowed direct linking with their free account. Unfortunately I was unable to upload some of my files this time AND I have security concerns since McAfee blocks the site due to exploits. So now I am using PutLocker. I don't appear to have the security concerns now and I was able to upload my files, but direct linking isn't allowed. Hopefully you'll be patient and go through the 10 second pause and 2 additional clicks. If this file host gives you trouble, please leave a comment for me.

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