Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm back

Inspired by an act of kindness by a University of Houston professor, I'm back. I'm starting with updated checklists, and I will posting an update very soon. Yes, I have been keeping track of everything.

BIG NEWS! Starting Friday, I'll be doing a daily update with at least one card every day counting back the years. So on Friday, I'll be starting with a card from 2010, and I will continue all the way back to the first year a card featuring a Cougar was issued, 1954. The countdown will end just in time for the first football game of the year. When possible, I will feature players not previously listed on the blog before.

I still have bigger hopes and dreams for this blog and a website, and I have been working towards those goals in the background, but it's time to do something to promote UH now instead of waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your back. This is a great site.