Saturday, July 24, 2010

Case Keenum Cards

A special bonus today to break up the countdown. Let's talk about Case Keenum cards.

One of my many followers (OK, I have 2 public followers. If you want to follow this blog, click the Follow link at the top of the page) sent me an e-mail recently with a very interesting card. It is what appears to be a 2009 Topps Heisman Watch card.

I was intrigued. I didn't think that cards could feature active players. So I did a little more research. I checked Topps' website and found nothing. I checked Beckett's site and found nothing.

Finally I checked eBay and found this listing. In the description, it states this is an ACEO card.

If you're not familiar with ACEO, it stands for Art Cards, Editions, and Originals. Most frequently ACEO cards are drawings, paintings, or prints that are on card stock and are the size of baseball cards. I have a few myself, little miniature pieces of artwork that you can collect, trade, or display.

But as an ACEO, I think this card is an original creation, not a Topps card. It looks sharp though, better than some of the designs I've seen from card manufacturers. There are people who make very high quality, non-licensed cards and sets, sometimes of cards that were never made that should have been or designs they'd like to see. This card may fall into that category.

If you're aware of this and know what you're buying, that's great. It's a nice looking card. If not, I think it's a little questionable by the seller to not make it more clear, especially since in the description it states the manufacturer is Topps.

As far as I know, there are no Case Keenum cards made by any of the card manufacturers. I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of them next season though.

There is another Case Keenum card of which I'm aware. UH Professor Simon Bott released Cougar Cards to students at school activities last year. In that set was a Case Keenum card.

Dr. Bott said he plans on releasing another set this year, so UH students should be on the lookout for them. He said there may be fewer student athletes this year due to some logistical issues, but anything that promotes the university and increases our knowledge of our school should be treasured.


Jeremy said...

I really liked seeing Keenum play last year. I hope he does well this upcoming season. Nice looking card too!

NTXCoog said...

Thanks for the comment. I think we're all looking forward to seeing what Keenum can do this year. And many of us are looking forward to seeing cards for him too.